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Content SORT e-commerce (online store)

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Salvador Bachiller

Online shop for sale of articles, classified into families and subfamilies. Shop management allows:

  • Manage all items.
  • Definition of featured articles (offers, promotions).
  • Planning of the publication and expiration of items.
  • Classification of products into families and subfamilies.
  • Modify texts, photos and prices.
  • Shopping cart .

See all features of Content SORT E-COMMERCE
Our online shop system offers a catalog articles classified families and subfamilies, with detail page of every article, from where you can making the purchase, by adding the article to the shopping cart (basket), also It has options like:

  • Multi-language
  • User registration, with private area to change your data.
  • Gateway payment Bank or PayPal.
  • Alternative physical POSand cash payment methods.
  • Historical order -requires user registration
  • Management stock, with listings of thresholds.
  • Billing.
  • Management shipping by volume and areas/countries
  • Search engine Advanced (over all articles, free-text searches, may be and combined with filters for families)
  • Newsletters
  • Advanced banner management
  • Integration with management systems of the customer as:
    • Warehouse(and stock)
    • ERP
    • CRM
    • Logistics (companies like SEUR, Celeritas, etc.)


Details of some important points:


-Private customers:

Customers can sign up form that you don't have to re-enter your details on each purchase. You can define special discounts to customers registered. Will also benefit from a historical of the orders made (or bills).



The system sending newsletters: segmentation of shipments, identification of erroneous shipments, control of opening email and clicking on the links of the same.


-Integration with social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Google +:

Some example of possibilities are: Add the button "I like" to all the articles, send recommendations to Twitter, or comments to the wall of Facebook, Tuenti plank, send updates to a blog, or an iPhone, iPad or Android, application integrate with a page of company on Facebook, etc.
The possibility to login with Facebook that prevents the user fill the fields of the record, with just one click already registered is offered.

And all the power of the engine of
: Planning publication and disable products and offerings, export to CSV of users and orders, etc.
Business content manager: the solution for web pages, document management, shopping on-line, intranets, extranets