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Gallery with 4 images per row
This tool is ideal for the management and archiving of photographs of a company.

Allows cataloging of images to facilitate its subsequent recovery by the different departments of the company.

Accessible via the web, may also share the images with its partners and suppliers, protecting it with the security of user groups of
so each user can only access the images to which it is authorized. So they may save is photos of the marketing department (accessible also by the Agency of advertising of the company, for example), photos of products, installations, the events, etc.

As standard functionality of
includes a search engine for pictures cataloging data to facilitate its location.

It has an application from loading mass of photographs to expedite the images uploading to the web.
- Online access (Intranet and/or Extranet) to the photographic archive.

- Free text search, looking for data cataloging of photography, both in the structure of categories (categories tree)

- List of results, showing thumbnails of the pictures with his title. This list is configurable online the number of thumbnails per row.

- Photo cataloging tab with labels

- Display pictures:
  • miniature version
  • expanded version
  • the image rotation

of the displayed picture:
  • in the original size
  • change the size in real time:
-personalized maintaining proportions (setting),
-changing width and height (cut),
-maintaining a dimension (deformation),
-conversion to scale grayscale and sepia.

-With easy access to the web control panel you can:

-Replace the photos and include new.
-Change the texts of cataloging and categories of any photograph.
-You will have a sequential cataloging system.
-To manage the structure of categories.

-PC (Windows) application of load mass of photographs .

And all the power of the engine of
: plan publication and turning off pictures, alerts by e-mail if there are new photos or modifications, etc
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