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SORT content - Data Virtual Room (document management)

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Virtual Room - Content Sort dates

The application of Virtual DataRoom facilitates the management and distribution the documentation of a company.

It allows the Organization of documents inside Projects and folders with full access to the documentation control 2 areas:

  • Rights of access or viewing of the documents
  • Rights management (high, editing, removal and) (Historical) on documents and folders/projects according to the profile of the user.


- Structuring documentation in projects and folders

The Virtual DataRoom allows one easy logical organization of documentation with a structure hierarchical tree with a first level of projects, and inside the folders and Documents in the style of the Windows folders, unrestricted depth or structure.

- System of Single Sign On (SSO)

The SSO system saves the effort of maintaining a duplication of users in your company and of the DataRoom, which users in your domain will be recognized and updated automatically by the SSO, without having to fill out a form login.

This means that no users of your company, you need to create/modify/delete in the DataRoom nor manage their passwords, therefore a profit considerable in the security and maintenance of your application.

Screenshot of the Virtual Data Room

-Management global integrated with Content SORT users

Users can be managed permissions, user and personal role within the application. You can create both external users and internal to your company in the global scope of the DataRoom, or directly within the scope of the documentation accessible by each user. For reasons of security, the information of Internal users personal is modifiable only by a LDAP administrator.

In the same way as the users of the DataRoom application can be the users themselves of their company, Configuring Roles and by allocation groups will be providing you access to own Content-SORT content management.

The configuration standard of the roles of users is:



-Project managers

-Users management

-Users of Consultation

-Management security groups

People usually grouped by the Department to which they belong, as well as the privileges or Accessibility documentation. Data Room allows you to make any logical grouping of users to grant permissions and accesses. These groupings are called security groups, and then your permissions are managed as differentiated according to each project.

- Management documentation updates (historical) for

Each update of a document generates a new version in its history. The current version of the document is known by all users, and historical versions are accessible to those users with rights.

- Cataloging Multiple documentation

In addition to the characteristics own document (path, name, language, etc) the Room Data allows to classify them by tags, without having to have microcontroller types of classification. ES a very open and functional method of cataloging.

-Easy distribution and download

When needed to download a series of documents, it is cumbersome to go one by one and make the download Manual. In the Virtual Room Data, since any list you can select a set of documents and download them as Zip or send them by e-mail.

-Powerful documentation search tools

Any feature and fillings documents you can use to filter their searches. The Data Room has at all times a free search engine on any coincidence with the Word (s) key (s) you wish to search.

And it also has a search engine Advanced that you can use in combination with the free, to refine search the search results.

 - Management global permissions

The management of permissions is often always be the most critical of any documentation Manager point to be closely related to security and access to documents.

Permissions start with the definition of the Roles of users, which make up the set of actions possible on the accessible documentation.

With security groups, It brings together a group of users who have similar documentation access.

Security groups are They then used to assign block permits for projects, folders and Documents. Although you can also assign individual permissions to users.

Version of the downloaded document, download original...

-Systems alerts

The Data Room is ready to send alerts by e-mail to any event that occurs inside of it, in the documentation or in the users.

The alert most commonly used are changing the role of a user, and when the version changes existing document.

 - Subscriptions documentation

Like new News publication systems incorporating the system of subscription by RSS, Data Room allows to subscribe to any project or folder to be abreast of developments in their documents and choosing the user the frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) subscription

-Trays personalized and friendly entry for each user... with the last News

Any user who enters the virtual Room Data, immediately presented the tree visually differentiating the folders where there have been changes since the previous meeting, or there are documents that have not been never opened by the user of the session.

Virtual Room - Content Sort dates

-Access quick documentation

Through virtual folders representing the dates of creation of the documents, the user with a single click access to those documents within a project.

-Application massive load

You can send a directory on a PC, with its subdirectories and files, the structure of the Data Room.

-Generation automatic documentation distributable formats

For Microsoft Office © documents not you need to generate a version in PDF format for later distribution, the Data Room Virtual automatically converts Office documents to PDF format.


The PDF converter allows you to include watermarks in documents to preserve the confidentiality of the information.

And all the power of the engine of
: multi-language, newsletters, CRM, integration with ERP, WorkFlow, etc.
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