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A system must adapt to the processes of an organization and not vice versa.

Adaptation to the business processes of organizations is fundamental technological solutions to give timely response to business needs.
© has the versatility and adaptability to these processes.

To do this, our team of business processes and technology consultants, collaborating with the different areas of the organization in which
is or will be implemented to suit specific and concrete activities of each organization or department, providing the best alternative or technological development of the solution. This will minimize processing times and facilitate agility in daily work.
Optimization of time and adapted to the specific needs of our clients, thanks to the knowledge and experience of our consultants, converted to
© in one of the main allies of the organization.
  • Diagnosis and prevention of risks
  • Advice on the services of other providers
  • Support for decision making
  • Improvement of processes
  • Development of methodologies (development, implementation,...)
  • Security
Document management
The key lies in knowing and understanding the client work processes to identify associated documents.
  • Study of needs
  • Analysis of document processes
  • Evaluation of tools
  • Design solutions
  • Planning large projects
  • Turnkey implementation
Management of technological projects
Objective: that all technology project will end on time and efficiently.

Indispensable: realistic planning, risk management and quality control
  • Design and implementation of project management methodologies
  • Assignment of resources
    • Technical Office (project management, analysis,...)
  • Management tools
  • Training in project management
  • Outsourcing project management
Systems integration
Objective: unique data and accessibility to the information of the company.
  • Integrity of the information on a company study
  • Analysis of application integration needs
  • Great experience in selection of EAI systems
  • Implementation of solutions
  • Systems plans (alignment with the Strategic Plan)
  • Development and implementation of corporate databases (data only)
Business content manager: the solution for web pages, document management, shopping on-line, intranets, extranets