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What's Content SORT?

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Content SORT © is an enterprise content management (ECM) platform, that allows all types of companies or government agencies, to manage their corporate information and its publication on the Internet, Extranet (for customers), or private Intranet.

It provides a development framework that enables rapid application design and make modifications without programming.
Product installation can be either local, but also a solution in clouding.

The power and versatility of Content SORT © provides you with the tools to operate in the following fields:

-(CMS) content management system
-Document Manager (EDS / Data Room)
-Photographic archive
-Manager of relationship with clients (CRM)
-System of e-mailing, sending automatic Newsletter or press releases
-Press Office
-Enterprise Content Manager (ECM)
-On-line shop (e-Commerce / E-Commerce)
-E-Learning System
-Employee portal
-Working activity reporting
-Medical cabinet
-Project management
-Central Reservations System

From the technical point of view Content SORT © can be used as an excellent development framework for the rapid implementation of corporate solutions, such as micro - Sites, Blogs, forums, holiday management, reservation of rooms...

Similarly, Content SORT © can become the centralized corporate database repository, with an integrated content manager engine.

Content SORT © integration capacity makes it one most fast, effective, and cost efficient systems. This allows for the possibility to integrate Content SORT © with other systems that a company might happen to use in a short period of time. This systems include:
-ERP systems (SAP, Dynamics NAV/Navision, Oracle Financials, etc.)
-Business Intelligence (BI as Business Objects, Business Warehouse, Pentaho, etc.)
Low cost solution

Allows significant savings for investment in other power solutions and similar characteristics.

Versatile solution
That allows the reduction of systems in the Organization through the implementation of Content SORT, a multifunctional system that integrates all processes of its Organization in a single software.
The modularity of ContentSORT allows you to incorporate new features and give response to new needs within any department, functional area, or corporation.
Immediate implementation
The deadline for implementation of Content SORT is, in the majority of cases, 50% less of what it takes for any other solution of similar power and features to be implemented.
Content SORT is a highly robust system that handles information with a great level of security both for access and transport of the same. Additionally, it can implement the levels of safety standards of the system itself or adapt to the standards of the customer. Usability wise, Content SORT has a highly elaborate system for the management of profiles, which allows for the supervision of  processes being developed by different users within a company. This allows for a personalized access for users interaction that depends in the responsibilities they will need to carry within a project of the company.
Ease of access
Content SORT may work both locally on servers with the own company's infrastructure, as in Saas, and it can also take advantage of all the power of the work in clouding. In the same way, it may be accessible with similar levels of security from any mobile device.
Immediate customization of the solution
The development solution of Content SORT allows for a reduction to a minimum time of adaptation of the solution to the specific needs of the customer thereby reducing not only time, but also costs.
Rapid integration with other systems
Where necessary, Content SORT is capable of integrating in a quick and simple way with any other system or process in the organization. In this way, Content SORT can function as the principal tool of any company, centralizing and processing information the best way.
Permanent evolution
Content SORT © permanently incorporates new functionalities within itself that optimize the working time of any organization. Likewise, it periodically expands its connectors and plugins to integrate effectively and easily with different tools available in the market.
Minimal learning curve
The easiness of Content© SORT's use allows for a minimum training process in order to begin to extract all the power of the solution and its application to the corporate processes as soon as possible .
Use only what you need
Content© SORT is a product-oriented both large companies and SMEs.
It is divided by components, in order to acquire only the features needed.
Business content manager: the solution for web pages, document management, shopping on-line, intranets, extranets