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Questions asked above
What SORT Content?
Content SORT is a comprehensive platform that allows to respond to all the organizational needs of a company.

It is a system that integrates all processes of business of a company, supplementing, or even replacing 100% in many cases, other tools and technology products.

Why is it useful to SORT Content?
 is a tool.  By definition, a tool that has been created to facilitate work. The work that facilitates
It is to create and maintain web pages and their contents. Please, you pay attention to the two terms, create and maintain web pages, create and maintain content. The design of your web site on a platform that allows to quickly generate the pages that compose and on the other hand is mounted on the one hand, information that goes inside the pages (content) creates, modifies or removes in real time, in a very fast and simple way.
Who can take advantage of Content SORT?
It is useful for any person or company who wants to have a presence on the Internet, because it facilitates the development of the website and its maintenance, leaving dependent on a designer or programmer when required make changes in design or the content of their Web presence
Is it very expensive?
No, the cost of it is basically divided into two parts, one is when the initial development of the site is made and then there is a monthly fee based on the amount of modules contracted (multi languages, user access, shopping cart purchase, etc.). In the end, accounts will always be in favour of a tool that allows to do things well and with great efficiency.
Where can I see pages created and maintained with SORT Content?
This page you are viewing has been created and is maintained with
, but not only ours if not that there is a long list of clients, if you want to know some of the Web sites under the platform of
Please visit our Customers page.
What should I do if I want to make my Web use of this tool?
If your Internet Portal is managed under the platform of
the first thing is to contact us, and provide us the most information as possible about your needs. But don't worry, we are prepared and we have tools (questionnaires) to facilitate the transmission of this information. The second step will be ours: will provide you an estimate based on your needs, with all the options that we said at the time. The security of the information provided, don't worry, we are aware that there are very sensitive data and they are treated with the greatest discretion and professionalism.
What is the time average of a project?
The time of creation and implementation of a website managed with
It can be affected by multiple variables depending on the type of project. With
the average is in a month and a half, once known all the requirements, and then content management is immediate and is you who decides when and how must be published, always with the objective that can recover in the shortest possible time the investment.
Is it possible to add additional functionality to my site?
Once the website has been built with
You can continue to grow in functionality, one of the characteristics of
It is the scalability, which allows you to evolve your website ,not only content ,but also at functional level or even infrastructure if you need to manage different websites.
I already have a website. Do I need to SORT Content?
The answer is Yes: anytime you have the absolute control of the design and the contents of your Web, you need of ContentSORT . You can both manage the creation, modification or elimination of pages and sections in your Portal, as the content (the information showing the pages).
What are the disadvantages of SORT Content?
Therefore the only disadvantage of Content SORT worthy of mentioning is that requires a LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP platform. Also must be the following versions: PHP 5.0. x or higher and MySQL version 4.1. x or higher but if your Web hosting company is not able to guarantee these characteristics, ask if we do so, we invite you to bring all of its structure on the Internet with SORT. You can enjoy a comprehensive service and forget to deal with different suppliers for your Internet presence.
I am owner of an SME and have no idea of where to begin
Modesty aside, has come to the right place, we will help you to understand from A to Z, absolutely all aspects that have to do with your Internet presence. With us you will get answers to each and every one of your questions, without commitments and without a strain. We like to work under the commitment to human and technical support to our customers and potential customers.
Do you think it is incredible? How about if we try? Contact us and you will realize the difference and enjoy a service designed and developed for the sole purpose of satisfying you.
Business content manager: the solution for web pages, document management, shopping on-line, intranets, extranets