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Content SORT Cloud Computing

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What is the SaaS model?
A SaaS solution (Software as a Service) is a model of software distribution in which information technologies company offers its clients advanced software applications through and through a model of rent (regular fee), which includes maintenance of the software and support. This means that the servers and software applications do not have to be installed in the Office of the customer, with all the advantages that this entails.
Advantages of the SaaS model
  • Geographic mobility
  • 24 X 7 accessibility
  • Technical support
  • The goal of business concentration
  • Reduced deployment time
  • Risks associated with Internet
  • Saving costs and resources (TCO reduction)
  • Estimate of costs
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • High performance and scalability
  • The platform independence
  • Continuous updating
  • Inter-firm cooperation
  • Access to the best infrastructures and applications
Rental of licenses (SaaS model)
A model based on the rental of the licenses has been established to facilitate SME access to such software, ( SaaSmodel: Software as a Service).
The advantages (detail)
  • Geographic mobility: No precise installation. You can access Content SORT from anywhere over the Internet.
  • Accessibility 24/7: The SaaS solution allows you to access the application at any time of the day during 365 days a year.
  • Technical support: All maintenance tasks are managed and resolved by the provider of the application, with total transparency for the client, which will have a specialized service.
  • Concentration in the aim: SaaS allows you to focus on your business, in your value chain, without worrying about any technical aspect.
  • Reduced deployment time: The pre-parametrización of the most common functions of the company allows to reduce set-up time underway, with the consequent saving of time.
  • Risks associated with Internet: The risks associated with Internet are well known. With the externalization of servers hosting model, it significantly reduce these risks, and in some cases they are removed:
    • Not allowed external access to sensitive areas of information.
    • Risk of the CDP of the customer is qualified as sender of SPAM if you use services SMTP for sending e-mails. And we mean not only emailing campaigns, but simply, for example, to the registration of a user, or alerts confirmation email.
  • Saving costs and resources (TCO reduction): The SaaS solution provider is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure needed to host the application. It reduces or eliminates:
    • Initial investment (without the risk of investments): It avoids the costs of purchase of software by post and server licenses. The initial investment is transformed into a periodic expense. He says the decision to purchase.
    • Installation on the client: It avoids the costs of installation in your company, there is no installation on the client.
    • Time of implementation: thanks to the elimination of the development cycle, and to the pre-installation.
    • Investment in hardware: It avoids the costs of creating and maintaining an own infrastructure; it only requires a Web browser.
    • Intermediaries and channels of distribution: There is a channel of distribution or intermediaries that even more expensive product.
    • Expertise: It is not necessary to have specialized personnel for the tasks of management and maintenance of systems.
  • Anticipation of costs: thanks to pre-established, without unforeseen fixed costs.
  • Return on investment (ROI): Considering the savings in all costs described above, we can easily understand that the return on investment is much faster in the SaaS model.
  • High performance and scalability: The provider is responsible for scaling the system to deliver the most optimal performance. Flexibility and scalability.
  • Independence of the platform: It is valid for any platform client (PC, MAC, Linux, Unix, Solaris, etc.) that has a Web browser (beware, many solutions on the market require Microsoft Internet Explorer!).
  • Continuous updating: Eliminates the risk of obsolescence. You will always have the latest version; not accurate to keep an eye on the cycles of renewal of software and hardware; flexibility to change; escapes from the unpredictable technological changes
  • Inter-firm cooperation: It opens new avenues of cooperation and exchange of information both in commercial transactions between the customer and the supplier and internal transactions of the company. In the case of Content-SORT, for example, allows subcontract companies expert in charge of specialized content. The system is centralized, which means more security and greater reliability of information, that data is unique.
  • Access to the best applications: with other models of acquisition, the best applications are only available to large companies.
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