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Continuous innovation

Improvements and new features in Content SORT ©

We are still continuously implementing improvements and new features in Content SORT ©.

Thanks to all your suggestions, of our customers, and our r & d, Content SORT © Department continues to evolve large marches.

The new version, which we are updating free, to all of our customers that have it contracted in Clouding, provides many new features, some of them worthy of note:

CS improvements
  • Security enhancements
  • Automatic updater from version CS
  • Improvements in the management of languages
  • Improvements to the system's users
  • Progress bar on the rise of files
  • Correction of errors
  • Speed improvements in managers
  • The newsletter module enhancements
  • Improvements in the data importer
  • Improvements in the content tree
  • Increase in the security of the passwords
  • Improvements in the search by date
  • New transaction log system
  • Improvement in the HTML editor for compatibility with IE11
  • Button back in the management of translations
  • Be able to define display area to upload an image
  • Fields of content: new attribute "Accepts script".
  • Sitemap enhancements

Events module
  • Improvement in editing field description
  • New types of task Pre-Insertar / update and Post-insert/update.
  • Available event concatenate fields in the basic package. Both task pre post.

Content administrator
  • Improvements in the related fields drop-down: when you enter a text in a field relational father, in the drop-down box of suggestions show more items of fit, incorporating scroll.
  • Able to search free text fields and show ToolTips on drop-down.
  • Fields of relationship: being able to configure the number of items displayed in the drop-down list when it is filtered for text. Scroll both editing and search drop-down list.
  • Search in fields of relationship: can filter by text "content into"
  • Enable ENTER key to perform searches in search engines
  • Be able to define the relational fields that will work with textboxes instead of drop-down lists.
  • Improve interface
  • Ability to define custom buttons

We will soon inform you of more progress!

Thank you all for your trust.

If you want more information, don't hesitate to order it through the contact form. We will be happy to assist you.
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